Alan Randall Consultancy

A consultancy specialising in the effective management of change

Typical business changes would include downsizing, outsourcing, acquisitions and mergers, business process change, leadership development, teamwork and technology improvement. 

How I Work

I am not an expert business consultant. I don't claim that I can help you with specific advice on your business or financial strategies. I concentrate on how you work rather than what you do. I am a facilitator. I help you the management team to think about the efficiency and effectiveness of your work processes, particularly those processes associated with change. Top of the list of change enabling processes would be the system of communication.

For any change there are certain principles that almost always apply. I can help a management team to clarify and understand those principles using their own and often extensive experience of handling change. This clarification is a useful way to begin the effective management of the specific change in which they are involved, and take advantage of their learning from past changes.

I like to work systematically. As a first step I use a standard format to help clients to define their expectations and the process of my intervention. For example typically my first intervention might be a management workshop aimed at sharing and clarifying the future state, the change objectives, "the prize" or incentive for change, and perhaps the major barriers or risks. My planning format would cover the detailed design of the facilitation process for such a workshop. Later in the process of change the objective might be to plan and schedule the implementation of change. In which case I have other systematic approaches to the development of an integrated implementation plan, covering the scheduling of change steps, a synchronised communication plan, the associated risk and barrier mitigation and a practical resourcing plan.


The important thing with all of this is not to fill in standard formats, but to make really sure that the management team in charge really understand their change and it's implications and that they are all committed to a common view of a practical and achievable way forward. So often, without that consistency and constancy of leadership, change initiatives don't fully realise the prize expected, leaving a sour taste with the employees at large that can limit capacity for future change.

My own objective is to increase your organisation's capability for managing change. I want to make your organisation independent rather than dependent on external consultants. To that end I am more than happy to work with and transfer any additional knowledge that I may have to your own internal facilitators.